We believe that an outstanding education should not cost the earth. The results achieved by our Year 6 leavers is testament to this ethos.

By keeping our fees extremely competitive, we seek to make private education affordable for as many families as possible.


Fee per day

8am to 1pm


1pm to 4pm


1pm to 5pm


1pm to 6pm


8am to 4pm


8am to 6pm


Please note
The above fees exclude the Early Years Free Entitlement funding (funding is applied the term following a child’s 3rd birthday and finishes at the end of the term in which they turn 5).

Period runs from 6 September 2021 to 31 August 2022


Fee per term

Reception (prior to 5th birthday)

£2,025 (plus 15 funded hours)

Reception (after 5th birthday)


Year 1


Year 2



Fee per term

Years 3 & 4 


Years 5 & 6


Registration Fee & Deposit

£50 non-refundable registration fee; £500 deposit

Awards, Bursaries & Discounts

Early Years Free Entitlement / Bursaries / Sibling Discounts

Optional Extras 



Ad Hoc £4 per day

£32 per day per term


Ad Hoc £5 per day

£37 per day per term


Ad Hoc £5 per trip

£42 / £47 per term

Learning Support

1 hour £29

Minibus Supper

£1.50 per meal

Music Lessons


10 sessions per term