Every child enjoys the opportunity to play Sport at Cricklade Manor Prep.

Sport plays an essential part of the development of all our pupils at Cricklade Manor and staff encourage the pupils to enjoy being active. From the Nursery class we focus on core strength and body management through weekly Physical Education lessons. These Nursery pupils are taught gymnastics and ball skills as well as athletic movement skills and are all delivered by PE specialists. 

From Reception the pupils benefit from a weekly swimming lesson at the local indoor pool and pupils leave Year 2 competent swimmers. In addition to PE and Swimming lessons Year 1 and 2 pupils enjoy a weekly Games lesson. This helps to prepare them for the team sports that play an important part in the development of every child at Cricklade Manor.

Our school is committed to sport for all and the preparation for a sport for life attitude from each individual. The health and wellbeing of all our children is highly evident from the highest level of participation from every pupil. 

Pupils have the opportunity to represent the school in team sports from Year 2, though it is in Year 3 that the full inter-school fixture programme picks up with the addition of Monday afternoon and occasional Saturday morning fixtures. These matches are all inclusive and played as mixed ability teams and taught by qualified games specialists. From Year 4 fixtures are played as differentiated A and B teams and our senior pupils benefit from additional coaching by ex-international and current international players.  

We boast some outstanding sports results and are delighted with the progress that all of our children make in a wide range of sports. Our comprehensive sports scholarship programme supports the needs of our most able pupils and has resulted in a high number of our pupils playing representative sport at County and Regional level as well as achieving Sports Scholarships to a number of senior schools.  

I love doing Games the best!!

Year 3 Pupil​