Extra Curricular

Throughout the course of a year, we will offer around 50 fun and interesting extra-curricular activities to our pupils.

This complements the academic curriculum and encourages pupils to engage in a diverse range of classes. Whilst encouraging children to continue with activities they are already successful at and enjoy, we believe it is just as important for them to try something new, allowing them to gain new experience and a breadth of skills and interests.

The majority of our activities take place after school (a few are held during lunchtimes) allowing full use of the school facilities and the varied expertise of our staff, as well as out-of-school activity leaders. For a few activities, pupils will use nearby facilities, such as the local Golf Club.

Examples of activities on offer

Creative Activities: Airfix Modelling, Art Club, Dough Modelling, Origami, Photography, Senior Extra Art, Sewing, Sewing Production Props, Warhammer, Knitting, Sewing

Active Activities: Archery, Badminton, Boot Camp, Canoeing, Colts Cricket, Cricket Nets, Cross Country, Fencing, Gardening, Golf, Gymnastics, Indoor Hockey, Irish Dancing, Judo, Junior Cricket, Senior Cricket, Swim Fit, Tennis, Touch Rugby, Trampoline, Cheerleading, Dance, Football, Judo, Tennis, Touch Rugby

Music and Drama: Elite Choir, Drama, Joint Schools' Musical Theatre, Junior Choir, Junior Orchestra, Junior Recorder Group, Music Theory, Orchestra, Play Dance Rehearsal, Play Rehearsal, Samba Band, Senior Choir, Senior Orchestra, Lamda, Ocarina

Challenge and Knowledge: Business Enterprise, Chess, Junior Chess, Computer Programming, Conversational French, Cooking, Debating, ECO Club, French, Maths Club, Press Gang, Quiz Club, Senior Maths Clinic, Writing Club, Board, Games, Construction

We are very proud of the opportunities we provide for our pupils, helping them to develop their independent thinking, problem-solving, confidence and self-esteem, communication, creativity and team work.