Trips, Visits and Special Days

We like to enrich everyday teaching with trips, visitors and special days.

We offer a diverse range of school trips which we believe enrich the learning of our pupils and enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills. Visits outside of the school are a great opportunity to develop the children's independence and consolidate the learning that takes place in the classroom. 

To keep the curriculum lively and interesting a variety of educational visits are arranged for each year group. Ranging from day visits or theatre trips locally, to residential visits, such as Bushcraft or retreats, for a few days. Every year, we also offer a cultural, academic or sports trip abroad; our most recent have been a Sports Tour to Dubai and a Ski Trip to France.

Special days are exciting. The children respond well to the focus on one topic. They are an effective way of changing the teaching dynamic and make lessons memorable. Children enjoy themselves so much they often don’t even realise they are learning.