We believe that an outstanding education should not cost the earth. The results achieved by our Year 6 leavers is testament to this ethos.

By keeping our fees extremely competitive, we seek to make private education affordable for as many families as possible.

8am-1pm£28 per day
1-4pm£16 per day
1-5pm£21 per day
1-6pm£26 per day
8am-6pm£54 per day
The above fees exclude the Early Years Free Entitlement funding.
Fees include all food, drinks, nappies and wipes
Period runs from 5 September to 30 August.
The Nursery will be closed for Bank Holidays and from 24 December to 1 January inclusive.
Pre-Prep Per term, lunch includedPer month
Reception Before 5th birthday£1,795 plus 15 funded hours£448 per month
Reception After 5th birthday£2,495 £624 per month
Year 1£2,610 £653 per month
Year 2£2,960 £740 per month
Years 3 & 4£3,460 £865 per month
Years 5 & 6£3,860 £965 per month
Registration Fee & Deposit
£50 non-refundable registration fee; £500 deposit (£250 for Nursery)
Please Note
A full term's notice is required before the removal of a pupil. In default of so doing, one term's fees in lieu of such notice will be charged.