Online Resources

Here are a range of online resources to support your children's development.

We hope these links will be useful for you. Please note Cricklade Manor Prep is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal provides access to academic information and your child's reports, or allows you to find booking forms for activities like the holiday camps. This is currently available to parents of Upper Prep children. If parents misplace their username or login, please contact the School Office. Click here to link to the Parental Portal.


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Pre-Prep -

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Prep, across Years 3-8 - 


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Across Year 1-5 - 

Years 5-6 - Scratch and Kodu 

Year 7-8 - BBC Microbit 


Across Years 6-8 - 


Pupils in Years 6-8 have digital Oaka Books on their iPads for History, Geography and Science topics.


Book Creator - creates a book or leaflet which can include video, sound, text and images

Brushes - an artists tool box of paints, pencils and crayons

My Script Calculator - will perform calculations from drawn digits

Comic Life - adds comic strip style text to a storyboard of images

Dictionary - look up words and learn more about their meanings

Explain Everything - acts as a portable mini whiteboard, you can record voice and processes

Garage Band - create and share any type of sound with a full orchestra of instruments

iMovie - create trailers and movies from video and photos

iTunes U - online courses can be subscribed to on school based topic areas

Keynote - for presentations

Morfo Booth - produces a 'talking head' good for role play and empathy with characters

Numbers - for spreadsheets and graphs

OWA - email, school calendar, sports fixtures calendar, prep calendar

Pages - for word processing

Pic Collage - combine images and text easily into a neat layout

Popplet - creates a mind-map, text, drawings and images can be combined with links

Puppet Pals HD - an animated play using images and script can be created

Recorder Plus - voice and sound recording

Showbie - sign up to join Teacher’s classes, get assignments, give in work, receive work back

Socrative - teacher quiz or test which can be done in lessons or prep

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