Moving up to Reception

Preparing for Reception is a vital part of life in Nursery. As our children approach Reception age, there is a gentle increase in the amount of structured learning and purposeful play activities, as we prepare the children for the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

The benefits of this sound beginning become apparent when our boys and girls move up to Reception. Their readiness and enthusiasm to take on new challenges puts them ahead of their peers, giving them a real leg up as they begin their formal education in earnest.

Most of our boys and girls transition from the Nursery to Cricklade Manor Prep, where the fun and high standards of learning continue. Children are settled into Reception with their own particular friendship group, and small class sizes. The whole process is carefully designed so that the transition from Nursery into Reception is seamless and entirely stress free, to ensure that your child is happy and raring to go from day one.

In this warm and nurturing environment, a strong team of inspirational staff engage their curiosity and imagination, supporting them as they take their first steps in a lifetime of discovery and learning.

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Preparing for Reception at Cricklade Manor Nursery, Cricklade, Wiltshire