Year 4 Oxenwood Visit

Year 4 pupils had a fantastic time at Oxenwood last Thursday. They had a jam-packed day of activities that started with den building. The children were taken to a forest where they worked in groups to build a shelter that the whole group could fit into. The shelter needed to be as waterproof as possible and the groups found out just how good their anti-rain measures were when it was put to the test with them inside. Some were more successful than others! 

Back at base pupils undertook a water purifying challenge using just a jug and a t-shirt and then learnt all about fire lighting, before making their own campfires. After lunch the children cooked campfire bread, toasted marshmallows and boiled their water to purify it further. 

To finish the afternoon the children tested themselves on the climbing wall and in the shooting range with some archery. Upon returning to school the children settled themselves into their tents in preparation for their overnight camp on the field.  After an evening of games, a slightly soggy barbeque due to a torrential downpour and singing around the campfire, the children headed into their tents tired, but happy.