Year 3 time travellers

It was a warm and sunny morning when Year 3 left the twentieth century and were transported back hundreds of years to Anglo-Saxon times. 

We started off by going on a foraging walk looking for objects which might have been used in Saxon times. We found a badger skull and came up with ideas as to how it might be used. We also found wool (great for weaving, spinning and making clothes)  pine cones and an antler which could have been carved into all sorts of useful tools. As tribes we had to work together and use our team working skills to make shelters out of sticks we found in the wood. Clay was used to model super spoons which we made patterns on with sticks. 

The work we did last term on Runes came in handy when we were able to use willow which had been burnt in a tin without air to make charcoal and write our initials in runes on little circles of silver birch. After a delicious Saxon feast we were each given a hazel stick which we whittled into a sharp point with a ye olde potato peeler. We gathered sticks and made a fire. Finally, to everyone’s delight we got a not so Saxon treat (marshmallows) which we then toasted over the fire. We then told the epic poem of Beowulf and riddles around the fire. The more you have the less you see, can you guess what I am? 

It really was a wonderful day and our thanks must go to Katherine from the Earnest Cook Trust for organising our experience.