Year 3 Chedworth Roman Villa Trip

Year 3 pupils enjoyed a beautiful Autumn day at Chedworth Roman Villa learning all about the history of the site from when it was built to when it was rediscovered in Victorian times. 

Upon arrival we were taken around the site by our guide who amazed us all with details about the size of the mosaics on site and how they were still buried under our feet to preserve them. At the Nymphaeum the children thought about what offerings they may give to the gods and then we walked through the Roman baths at the villa and learnt all about what happened in the different rooms. 

The tour finished at the latrine and everyone agreed that we definitely wouldn’t want to use a Roman toilet!  After our tour the children got to make their own mini mosaics and they all produced really impressive, colourful and varied designs.  Our final activity allowed the pupils to study and draw a variety of Roman artefacts including Roman armour, mosaics, vases and a strigil. We were so proud of the children’s interest and engagement throughout the day and we all agreed that it was wonderful to be out on a school trip again!