The Golden Age

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about their History and Art topic of ‘The Golden Age of the Islamic Empire’ at the Ashmolean Museum. They took part in a range of workshops, and their enthusiasm for learning is clear from their comment following the visit:

“I really enjoyed seeing the big map with the Silk Road trade route and I liked drawing the artefacts and finding out where and when they were made.” (Alice)

“I enjoyed drawing my own version of Islamic Art.” (Agnes)

“I liked looking at and handling the artefacts, guessing what they were and drawing them.” (Bella)

“It was great seeing all the detail on the artefacts and sketching them.” (Lewis)

“I enjoyed putting together the mosaic tile jigsaw with my group.” (Naman)

“I really liked looking at the giant, lit up map.” (Harry)

The children will use the trip to develop their Art and History work and forge a greater understanding of this important period.