Care about yourself!

The children in Year Six who participate in the Cricklade Award attended a talk by Mr Kieran Kelly who is the Oddballs Foundation Ambassador and Dr Anushka Chaudhry, which supported the Year 6 Science and PSHE Curriculum for this term.

Mr Kelly talked to us about the charity and also the importance for boys to check themselves regularly. Mr Kelly also showed us a short video about the best way is to do this. We listened carefully and were awarded at the end with some Oddball hats as prizes!

Dr Anushka Chaudhry also talked to us about the changes we might go through as we approach puberty. Again, we talked about the importance of checking our breasts regularly.

One of the important lessons we learnt was not to be afraid to talk about any changes we notice and an open and frank discussion with a trusted adult is important if we are worried or concerned.

To find out more about the Oddball Foundation, please visit their website here.