Year 3 Life in the Rainforest Mini Beast Visit

Year 3 Pupils had a very exciting visit from Paul Carpenter, from ‘Life in the Rainforest’.

Paul came in to talk to the children about creepy crawlies, bugs and animals from around the world. He brought along some unusual creatures of the rainforest, including: insects, tarantulas, amphibians and reptiles!

Paul’s travels include the rain forests of Borneo, India, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ghana to study the habits and habitats of insects and spiders. Having visited these rain forests, Paul was able to tell Year 3 firsthand about the sights and sounds of these magnificent places and the amazing creatures that live there.

The talk was a great way to support the Year 3 topic this term, which is all about the rainforest. The children are enjoying learning about adaptation, life cycles and food chains.

A Year 3 pupil said: “It was really fun being able to see the animals from the rainforest.”