Internet Safety Day

At Cricklade Manor Prep, we believe it is important to educate our young people all year round about being safe online and cover vital aspects in assemblies, our PSHE scheme of work, and during tutor discussions.

To recognise Internet Safety Day, each year group took part in activities to recognise different aspects of being safe online.

Be Internet Brave – Nursery & Reception : Reception made their own ‘Worry Monsters’ which munch away our worries. They discussed the importance of speaking to a trusted adult when something worries you online or in every day life.

Be Internet Kind – Year 1 & Year 2 : Year 1 made a glitter jar which represented how your thoughts can swirl around when people are unkind to you. Year 2 wrote kind messages which could be said to people to make them feel happy.

Be Internet Secure – Year 3 : Passwords can be difficult to create and remember. Year 3 discussed what factors can make a password secure and created their own Internet Secure passwords.

Be Internet Sharp – Year 4 : Year 4 thought about the information they share online and discussed what they should or shouldn’t share with people over the internet.

Be Internet Alert – Year 5 focused on fake news, what it is and how to spot it. They created their own fake news to share with the school including headlines such as “Mr Barton is on the roof”, “Mrs Brookes trashed the Art Room” and “Mr Barrett extends half term by 3 weeks!”. Year 6 looked into Phishing and designed their own scams, pitching their ideas to the class to try and convince them that what they were telling them was true.

During our feedback session, each class took the opportunity to present what they had learned to the rest of the school. It was wonderful to share ideas together and learn more about each aspect of being Internet Legends!

If anyone ever has any concerns or worries about things they have seen or read online, please make sure you tell a trusted adult. Mr Barton has set up an Internet Safety Committee, which includes teachers, parents and students. They have already met to discuss how we can make the internet a safer place for our community. Information from these meetings will be shared in due course.

Thank you to Mr Barton for planning such an exciting and informative day!