How Cricklade Manor Prep prepares our children for the 11+

Preparing your child for the 11+ exam is an important milestone for many parents. 11+ success can open doors to high-quality education and future opportunities, setting the stage for a bright academic future.  

At Cricklade Manor Prep we ensure that our children are well prepared for the 11+, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to compete on a level playing field with their peers. We provide all our children with a strong foundation to enhance their educational and personal growth.  


From the youngest years, we encourage an enthusiasm for learning, curiosity to find out more and an eagerness to solve problems. An early focus on the core subjects lays the foundations for effective learning all through their time with us, resulting in a ready confidence in reading and numeracy. Cricklade Manor Prep’s commitment to getting the basics right, equips our pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful transition to the next stage of their education. 


Fitting the education to the child, and not the child to the education, is key to helping them reach their full potential, and so tailored learning is built into the school day at Cricklade Manor Prep. Along with small classes which give each child more of their teachers’ time and attention, the daily personalised Cricklade Personal Development sessions allow us to really develop a child’s strengths, and target areas where they need extra support. This personalised approach fosters academic growth, confidence, and readiness for the 11+. 


Our greatest school resource is our team of talented and committed specialist teachers, who inject expertise and enthusiasm for their subjects into every lesson. They understand exactly what their pupils need to take on academic challenges with ease. Empowering our children to reach their full potential and increase their chances of success in the 11+. 


Making learning enjoyable is the most effective way to get good results, and even the most complex academic skills start with fun in the classroom. We want our children to be healthy and happy, so focus on the core curriculum is balanced with a broad range of subjects and opportunities. Outstanding art, music and drama provision provides space for creativity. Forest school and our brilliant range of sports get children outside and build social skills, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities keep our pupils fascinated and expand their horizons. By infusing fun into the educational process, Cricklade Manor Prep cultivates a positive attitude towards learning, empowering students to tackle the 11+ with confidence and a zest for knowledge. 

Through a combination of specialist teaching, tailored curriculum, and fun learning environments, we ensure that our children are not only academically proficient but also equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the confidence needed for the 11+, setting them on a path to a bright academic future.