Holiday Club: Art and Music

The children had a great art and music themed Holiday Club session this week with Mrs Brookes and Mrs Kinder, all inspired by the theme ‘our rivers’. They looked at how environmental charities have supported the development of fish passes along the river severn, to help the natural migration and breeding of fish in the area. 

The group also performed actions to a story about the fish called ‘Shad’ and then created their own version of the superhero fish that migrates up to 200 miles and lays 200,000 eggs per year! They learnt a lot about the life-cycle of fish and their importance in our rivers. The children also has the opportunity to look at atlas resources to identify rivers within the UK. 

To finish the day they listened to classical music inspired by the river by composer, Smetana. The children had a fantastic musical instrument session and composed their own river music, inspired by some wonderful instruments that Mrs Kinder bought in for the children to use. A very inspiring day indeed.