Green Day

As leaders from around the world gather at Sharm El-Sheikh for critical talks about the future of the planet, much closer to home the children of Cricklade Manor Prep were also focusing on key environmental issues.   

Friday 4 November saw Cricklade Manor Prep’s Green Day. Each year the school focuses on an important environmental concern and this year the chosen issue was ‘Save our Oceans’. Friday started with a huge splash with the pupils arriving in their handmade ocean-themed reused plastic hats. It was wonderful how much effort the whole school made – from Nursery all the way through to year 6 – and fantastic to see so many amazing and imaginative creations, each highlighting an important issue. 

The day was packed with creative, trigger-thinking lessons, for the pupils to develop a detailed understanding of the threats facing our marine habitats, allowing them to start considering ways in which they can create change.  

We welcomed The Marine Conservation Society as they led a whole-school assembly in the morning and explained the issues facing our oceans from plastic pollution to overfishing and climate change.  

The children discovered more about how they could help the ocean recover through a variety of different exciting lessons.  All year groups took part in ‘artisim’ raising awareness of the impact of marine litter on the oceans. Reception made a giant whale by reusing plastic milk bottle lids. Years 1-3 took part in a ginormous ‘art-attack’ of a sea turtle using a mixture of waste materials and Years 4-6 dived deep into the depths of the ocean, repurposing old flip-flops to create their very own shoal of funky fish. 

A fun-filled day expressed across a variety of mediums from interpretive dance and talks, to hat parades and team games; but a very important message learnt: We can all help to protect our oceans and we can start today.