Everybody Sing!

Year 1 had a very warm welcome from Miss Sophie and Miss Zoe when we arrived at Everybody Sing in Cheney Manor this morning. We started off by warming up and stretching. Our favourite warm up was definitely the ‘Rubber Chicken! ‘ When we were warmed up we played a game where we thought about how how our faces could show our emotions. We were best at happy and excited!

Our visit was linked to our topic of Light and Dark, so for our first workshop we learnt a new firework song. We were so good at learning the words that we put actions into our performance.

After a short break we thought about what is meant by the word Drama. We auditioned for the various parts in our Festival Play. We were challenged to think about settings and stage positions. Mrs Bunn was impressed at how well the children listened and then performed their lines. All the children were motivated to participate and perform! I think we definitely have some budding actors and actresses. We had a wonderful teacher, grandmother, hot dog and sweet sellers, mum, children and fair ground worker! Mrs Green loved the energy of the children’s performance. Miss Sophie commented on our posture and reminded us all of the importance of good posture.

We had fun learning some movement to Katie Perry’s ‘Fireworks’ and the children had a chance to put their own improvisations into the middle. We definitely felt ready after all that hard work and exercise for our packed lunches, which as one child said were delicious!

After lunch we were all excited and motivated to go into the theatre. We had to learn some new language such as, on stage, off stage, stage left, stage right, center stage, upstage and downstage. We learnt that a long time ago some stages actually went up a hill so that people could be seen, so that was upstage, but when the person came back down that was down stage!

The children loved the bright stage lights and were amazed when the house lights were dimmed and turned off. We had a wonderful time performing our song, play and dance on the stage and felt like professionals!

We finished with Drama Games. We enjoyed Silly Sausages where the person on the hot seat was not allowed to smile but had to reply to every question with Silly Sausages. For example, What do you go to sleep on? Silly Sausages!

We have definitely been challenged with our acting, motivated to be better and prepared to be amazing in our Nativity performance!