Democracy Day

In true Cricklade Manor spirit we handed the power over to the pupils today to celebrate Democracy Day.  It was down to those of us in Year 6 to propose the topic for debate, whether or not to have an IT free / low-energy day each term.   

During the morning the pre-prep department designed and built the Palace of Westminster and learnt about the various parts of the building before demolishing their models, I’m not sure which they enjoyed more. 

In Year 6, we discussed what was meant by the term “Olympic Spirit” and investigated the meaning of the different coloured rings, as well as performing a sketch about the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.  At the start of break we voted on the motion, leaving by the “yes” or “no” door. 

Year 5 looked at symbols of democracy and peace within nature. They used the white poppy which is a symbol of pacifism, dating back to 1933 to counteract the bloodshed of the previous war. The children decorated the petals of the white poppy with symbols of peace. 

After break the Year 4 pupils discussed the right to protest and made up protest songs whilst we discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, Equal Education Rights and the environment, designing posters and slogans.   

During these globally difficult times we have learnt to appreciate the rights that we have as British citizens, the importance of recognising and accepting differences in society and the need to accept and welcome new pupils into our own community here at Cricklade Manor Prep. 

By Ethan, Digital Media Prefect