Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 6th – 12th February

Wear Your Scarf To School

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week was an opportunity for the school to raise important issues with the pupils regarding ways to support and protect their mental health, signposting them to where they can receive help in school.   

Our Anti-Bulling Ambassadors lead an assembly about who they are and who someone can speak to if they feel they are being bullied or left out. They introduced our NSPCC ‘Buddy’ and where to find him. You can spot our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors on the playground with their exciting green caps which are easy to spot.  
Pupils from Yr 1 to 4, were lucky to meet Mr Nathan, a parent of a pupil in Year 3, who works part of the year at the Castle Combe Racetrack as a First Responder. During his talks with the pupils, they discussed and learnt about how to stay safe at home, how to get help quickly by dialling 999 and also how his safety vehicle can be used to help people who need it on the race track.  
As part of being Safer Online, all the students took part in an Internet Legends live assembly. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to discuss their ideas and reinforce their understanding of the ‘Internet Legends Code’: Be Sharp, Be Alert, Be Internet Secure, Be Internet Kind and Be Internet Brave. The pupil’s understanding was further developed with a visit from two local PCSOs who spoke to children from Reception up to Year 5 about trusted adults and the importance of being safe online. 

At the end of the week, pupils showed their support for our PSHE SCARF programme, by ‘wearing your scarf to school’. This programme embeds life skills for our pupils: safety, caring, achievement, resilience and friendship.