Chedworth Roman Villa

Year 3 travelled back in time and spent a wonderful day exploring Chedworth Roman Villa. 

We started our visit with a full tour of the site learning all about the accidental rediscovery of the villa when a dog chased a ferret down a hole, the intimate details of the Roman bathing process, the number of mosaic pieces in the dining room floor and how the Romans went to the toilet! 

Having travelled through the apodytarium, caldarium and frigidarium and learning what a strigil is we became archaeologists and spent some time examining a number of Roman artefacts determining what they can tell us about the everyday lives of the Romans at Chedworth.  Finally, dressed as Roman slaves we explored ancient medicines and created a concoction of herbs and spices that pupils could take home to put under their pillows or dip into hot water and drink…….if they were brave enough.  Pupils had a super day experiencing what life was like for the Romans and their slaves and how we have pieced together their history using the evidence they left behind.

Thank you to our guide Chris and for The National Trust for making us so welcome!