Year 5 visit Dyrham Park!

Year 5 certainly enjoyed their trip to Dyrham Park and were very fortunate to have beautiful blue skies and panoramic views. They were able to follow the trig points to locate the Severn Bridges, Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons in the distance. They saw lots of deer and were lucky enough to have everything explained and their questions answered by 2 knowledgeable guides.

The opportunity to see the deer in the semi-wild was great – they have a special fenced off area if they feel stressed.

We went to the woody terraces and drew plants; whilst I was drawing, a robin landed on a school bag next to me!

I lifted some antlers, they were very heavy. I am glad I haven’t got any on my head!

You can tell when the deer are stressed, the meat isn’t as good and they produce less young.

Out of nowhere the deer came bounding over the hills and then disappeared.

Dyrham House has 2 fronts. The original which had an ornamental garden, and then they made a new front on the other side with a massive, sweeping drive because it was fashionable – it was tiring walking back to the coach though!

We walked along a long avenue of lime trees and reached a point marked by a tree shaped like an elephant’s trunk – it was very unusual.

The guide explained lots about an Anglo-Saxon victory on the battle site. They took the high ground and beat the Roman Britons in 577AD – they wanted to get to the River Severn to trade.

We saw a broken tree that had been struck by lightning; one side it had been pecked by woodpeckers, but the other side was normal and still alive.