Year 4 welcome the new Royal Baby at Windsor Castle!

What a day to go to Windsor!! Following the arrival of Baby Sussex, Year 2 and Year 4 embarked on their visit to Windsor Castle on Tuesday 7th May.

Despite our traffic delay, we arrived just in time to witness the colourful spectacle of the Changing of The Guards. The children were particularly delighted to see the Royal Standard flying, instead of the Union Flag, highlighting the fact that The Queen was in residence during our visit, although they were a little disappointed not to see her in the flesh!

During our whistle-stop tour, we discussed the history of Windsor Castle and identified some of the key features. Then we explored St George’s Chapel where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married last year and admired the tombs of several monarchs including Henry VIII who was buried there in 1547 with his third and favourite wife Jane Seymour. Before lunch we made our way through the State Apartments, revelling in the richly decorated interiors and some of the finest collection of royal paintings and tapestries.

After lunch, the children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop with Sophie where they learnt about The Changing Power of The Monarchs and compared King Henry VIII’s reign to that of our current Monarch. They learnt lots of facts about Henry and his many wives and they are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you all in their class assembly next Friday!

Did you know that during his reign, Henry VIII has between 72,000 and 78,000 people executed?

I loved watching the Changing of The Guards. I was surprised by how young the guards looked but they were all incredibly smart and orderly.

It was great to dress up as one of King Henry’s many wives and learning about his relationships with them! Bella enjoyed admiring herself in her headdress!

We learnt about the differences between Henry VIII who was an absolute monarch and our current queen who is a constitutional monarch and decided that we would rather be ruled by our kinder and less intimidating Elizabeth II.

The State Apartments were amazing and it was quite overwhelming seeing some of the royal paintings, coat of arms, tapestries and weapons.