xin nian kuai le (Happy New Year!)

Pre Prep had fun celebrating Chinese New Year today. We acted out the story of the Zodiac. Andrew played the Emperor and children from Nursery to Year 2 played the animals who had to cross the river in their race. Mrs Zhang gave us a fascinating talk about the 15 days of celebration in China and how children look forward to wishing xin nian kuai le to their family and receiving red envelopes containing pocket money.

There were lots of fun activities in Pre Prep. Nursery and Pre School made some super Pig masks to celebrate the Year of the Pig. They also decorated red envelopes which contained a chocolate gold coin for each child. Reception learned the Chinese numbers to 10 and used these to decorate their red lanterns. We all made dragons. Year 1 and Year 2 had moments of peace and mindfulness as they decorated some intricate zig-zag dragons.

Lunchtime saw the dining room transformed into a Chinese Restaurant. The whole school had the opportunity to eat a delicious Chinese meal with chop sticks, lots of valiant attempts were made to master the use of these. Dragon and Star fruit were available for dessert and the youngest children were fascinated by the shape and texture of these fruits. To end the meal everyone was given a Fortune Cookie, we all loved reading the predictions and quotes in these.

In the afternoon Year 1 and 2 entertained Pre Prep with their Dragon Dances. This was accompanied by some excellent drumming and playing of other percussion instruments. The younger children were so enchanted with the dances that they were keen to try too. Well done to Rosie for leading the Nursery children around the hall.

All the children should sleep well tonight after the fun and activities of the day.