Turkish Delight

The “Language of the Term” venture, which began last year, has continued this term with pupils in Years 3 to 7 learning Turkish. I have been keen to include languages which are spoken in the Cricklade Manor Prep community so, when a pupil last year asked me if I could teach some Turkish, because that’s where his Dad is from, I was delighted to agree. Indeed, his Turkish grandfather is over in the UK to visit his family at the moment and I am told that he is thrilled that our pupils have been learning Turkish.

The pupils have found the language both fun and challenging; while, for the most part, Turkish uses the same alphabet as English, it is a language influenced by Arabic language and culture which means, unlike with Western European languages, there are no English-looking words.

The pupils have loved learning that there is an “i” without a dot, as well as a “g” with a smile-like accent on top, which have interesting pronunciations. 

The pupils in all year groups have been learning how to introduce themselves to each other, how to ask how people are and bid farewells. Some pupils in Year 6 have had the time to learn to count to ten.

I’ve also managed to put some of the vocabulary we have learned to the James classic “Sit Down”, which the classes have loved singing, while Year 4 pupils sung a Turkish version of “Baby Shark”.

Learning different languages at a young age not only enhances the enjoyment of learning languages but also makes pupils better language learners. I am thrilled at how popular learning Turkish has been.

Next term, in readiness for the trip to Amsterdam, we’ll be learning Dutch.

Güle! Güle!

Turkish delight