To the sea...

Mrs Brookes has been most impressed in recent weeks with our Y7 pupils who have used their art skills to promote an envornmental issues. They have been proactive global citizens preparing, designing and creating a coral reef art installation. 

These exotic and  diverse homes to a vast ecosystem are been affected by the slightest change to our oceans temperature and the chemistry of the seawater. These ecological cradles for marine life may not exist by the end of this century if action is not taken. 

Our Year 7 pupils have been challenged and motivated by the knowledge they have gained looking into this global issue and were quite shocked by the devastation of coral bleaching and reef erosion. Their ceramic coral reef installation will celebrate the exotic beauty of coral reefs while highlighting the threat they face. 

This artwork will explore the rapid transition that reefs throughout the tropics and subtropics are making from healthy colourful and diverse to dying and bleached as a result of human cause climate change.  At its heart, their artwork will celebrate the aesthetic aspects of health a coral reef surrounded by the terrible white skeletons of bleached coral.

Our pupils have just competed all their kiln firings for the glazing aspects of their work. In the next week they will be assembling the installation and it will soon be on display in the school office. Please do take a moment to look at their artwork and the message they are aiming to portray.