May the force be with you!

Year 3 are a force to be reckoned with as they start their new Science topic on Forces.

We were very excited to receive a letter from Mr Andrew Newton (President of the CMP Scientific Society) asking us to help investigate forces this term. Year 3 set up an experiment to see how far a car would travel on different surfaces. We talked about a fair test and the children agreed that  to make the test fair they would need to use the same car and set the ramp at the same height. The same person would also need to push the car down the ramp so the same amount of force was used. We predicted the hall surface would make the car go furthest as it was smooth. Year 3 tested the cars on the playground, grass, carpet and the hall. We had fun setting up the experiment and developed our maths skills by measuring accurately using the metre rule. The force was definitely with us as our predictions were accurate. We discovered that the hall surface is smooth so this means the friction force is much less. Year 3 love Science and investigating!