Lights, Camel, Action!

Where else would you find tango dancing innkeepers and funky camels but in a Pre Prep Nativity? 

This year The Bethlehem Broadcasting Company swapped their studio to report from a lowly stable where all the key people from the Nativity told their story through song and dance. We had hosts, judges, a compère and floor manager to add to the sense of occasion. Of course audience participation was a must. Our genial judges, the innkeeper’s wife and donkey, gave positive feedback and high scores to the dancers. However, Caesar Augustus was not so generous. The audience responded accordingly..... Lots of fun was had by the children. We had line dancing people from Nazareth, funky Camels and Wise Men, angelic Reception ballet dancers who gave enchanting performances accompanied by our 2 year old Nursery children. Morris Dancing Shepherds? Why not? The Year 1 shepherds were enthusiastic, colourful and lively performers who jingled through their dance. The Pre School sheep were looked after carefully by the Shepherd's as they wound their way through the jangling shepherds. Our Disco Star’s performance was even approved of by Caesar! Our Hosts held the performance together as did our glamorous compère and athletically glittering floor manager. In the end Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus were the stars of the show as everyone hand jived to an enthusiastic and lively finale. A big ‘ Well Done’ to all our fabulous performers.