Cricklade Award children were extremely fortunate when Helen, Takeshi, Yumiko and Kuma came to visit. For the next couple of sessions we will be learning about Japanese Culture. We found out that the ancient Japanese had no written language so they borrowed a Chinese text, this was then adapted into 2 other languages.  So the modern Japanese text is made up of these 3. We also learnt how to fold paper, origami. Although the exact origin of the art of origami is unknown.  We do know that paper was invented in China in the first century A.D. and brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in the sixth century A.D. However, no one will dispute that Japan developed origami to a very high art form. Most origami instructions were passed on by oral tradition. In Japan, people use Origami and Calligraphy as a way to meditate. Give it a go and see if it works for you during Mental Health Week!