Holi Festival 2019

At Cricklade Manor Prep we understand the importance of recognising a variety of religions and cultures. 

Within our own school we represent 15 different countries and this diversity adds to the richness of our own school’s culture. If we consider culture not only to be bedded into the Arts but also into the intangible shared beliefs, values and practices of a community, then the more practices we share, the more we have in common and the greater the appreciation we have for each other.

The richness of diversity within the UK and in an increasingly interdependent world the role our pupils will have as global citizenships becomes vitally important.  Fundamental British Values are more than just tolerance but a mutual respect and appreciation for the differences between us all.  Providing opportunities for pupils to understand the people they will meet, work with and live alongside by sharing in celebrations allows our pupils to experience and immerse themselves into aspects of differing cultures.  The unbridled joy experienced by the pupils, parents and staff when pulling a Christmas cracker, dressing up for Halloween, checking your fate when opening a Fortune Cookie to throwing colours at Holi is the same.  So whilst celebrating our differences we can share in the deep similarities that comes with being Global Citizens. The impact of religion on society and public is constantly brought to public attention through often negative media coverage. 

We believe we have a crucial role in counteracting many of these through various avenues at Crickalde Manor Prep, such as PSHEE, RE, Global Citizenship, World Affairs, themed lunches and whole school events.

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Holi 2019