Art through the years!

Monsters, lions, toys, costume designing and architecture in the Pre-Prep!

In Pre-School Class the children were encouraged to use their imagination to draw a friend for a monster. The children have shared pictures of their monsters of which some had wings and some had only one eye!

They also made a lion face using a paper plate, using scissors to snip around the edge of the paper plate to create the effect of a lion’s mane. A sponge was used to paint the lion’s mane brown and black felt tip to draw the facial features.

In Reception the children love to be creative! They very much enjoy cutting, sticking, painting, collaging, weaving amongst many other artistic pursuits. We have been impressed with their ability to create clothing and we really loved the dress the children made Mrs Towers out of coloured paper with stunning collaged panels! Reception also love to use the junk modelling resources to create telescopes, rockets and maracas. This half term the children brought in their favourite toys as part of our Toys topic. They had the opportunity to draw their toys and then paint using water colours. This linked very well with Literacy as the children then wrote about why they loved their toy so much. Finally, Reception have had the opportunity to be creative when learning outside too and recently they have loved mixing and blending colours with chalks and discovered the benefits of using a little water to create beautiful effects. 

Year 1 have linked their Science topic of materials to their art work. They have all been exploring the properties of different materials and learning lots of different ways to describe material. As part of this topic they have developed their cutting and making skills by making little card houses. The children have all brought in pictures of their houses and have spent time drawing them. They have started to find fabric and paper to represent the different materials their houses are made from and will start to collage their houses in the next couple of weeks. 

Year 2 have been inspired by Aboriginal art, linking up with their Geography topic work. Pupils have painted found sticks using Aboriginal symbols and have learnt to use dots and cross-hatching skills to create artwork in a similar style. They are currently writing a short story inspired by the traditional tale ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ and are drawing and painting a large-scale snake on this theme. They love the hands-on nature of this project and getting creative with symbols and paint!

Being responsible ‘Global Citizens’ and all things ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’ 

We have been developing a wide variety of art skills with many links to other areas of the curriculum. The Years 3-5 have been engrossed in the Arts aspect of their learning, linking up with drama and music. In Year 5 we have designed and are preparing 5 foot high Arabian vases structures for the stage set of our forthcoming Junior Play ‘Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits’. The vases will form part of a choreographed dance scene, which is proving to be very entertaining. Year 4 pupils are having fun developing and challenging their use of pattern and glass painting skills, creating lanterns to help decorate the school hall for this event. They are really enjoying using these specialist tools. Year 3 are busy using their net shapes skills from Maths to help develop and create large jewel forms as props. They have researched some great sketchbook artist links, looking at how contemporary artists from around the world have created art inspired by precious stones. 

Year 4 have also completed their ceramic project inspired by their studies of mussel shells. They created decorative forms to hold floating candles. 

We have been most impressed with our Year 6 and 7 pupils who have been actively raising awareness through their artwork about global environmental issues. Year 6 have collected from home plastic bottles and have interjected the recycling system by reusing plastic waste to create modern large-scale light shades. Their teamwork and talking partner skills has been excellent, learning to support each other and share skills to develop an imaginative piece of work.  They have also visited Bristol Aquarium and learnt about the effects of plastic waste in our oceans and the effect it is having on marine life.  Year 7 have also completed their fantastic ceramic installation inspired by the current devastation of our coral reefs around the world due to climate change. They have been touched by the knowledge gained from their personal research and have worked independently and collaboratively as part of a group to create a thought-provoking piece of artwork. It is on display in our school office for all to see. It has been superb to use their art skills to promote topical issues and to help them grow into responsible global citizens.