School Day

It's a full and exciting day at Cricklade Manor Prep.

Reception, Y1 & Y2Y3 to Y7
7.30amBreakfast ClubBreakfast Club
8.00am School OpensSchool Opens
8.50amPeriod 1Period 1
9.40amPeriod 2Period 2
10.55amEnd of morning breakEnd of morning break
11.00amPeriod 3Period 3
11.50amPeriod 4Period 4
1.30pmEnd of lunch breakEnd of lunch break
2.10pmPeriod 5Period 5
3.00pmTutor PeriodPeriod 6
3.30pmClubs & Activities
3.50pm-Tutor Period
4.10pmEnd of Clubs & ActivitiesDismissal & snacks
4.20pmCosy Club & snacksClubs & Activities
5.15pmSupperPrep 2 or supper
5.45pmBus departsBus departs
6.00pmEnd of school dayEnd of school day

Between 7.30am-6pm there is a wide range of activities for the children to do. See wrap-around childcare for more information.

I like the teachers, break time and most of all the learning.

Year 3 Pupil
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