Inspection Report

When Prior Park Prep joined the Wishford Schools group in September 2017, we knew that the school was due an inspection within the year. I was, however, taken a little by surprise when the inspectors arrived in the first full week of term! Expecting more time to examine and review the school, I nonetheless quickly recognised how opportune it was to have a team of educational experts to help us in our efforts. The inspection, together with the discussions we have conducted with parents, children and staff, mean that we were able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Prior Park Prep very quickly and put a development plan in place immediately.

The inspection judgements tell the story of where the school has been, not where it is going. The school had been judged as excellent in its previous inspection (in 2011) but perhaps had not kept up with educational developments since. The standards against which schools are judged have moved forward considerably, but the school had not. We are working hard to bridge this gap.

To ensure all pupils reach their potential, relevant and exciting learning must be in place, delivered by enthused and invigorated staff.  We will continue to build on our strengths, but increase focus on the core academic subjects and improve our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) provision and the development of young leaders and entrepreneurs. With the support of Wishford, our teachers will receive excellent training, access up-to-date resources and enjoy opportunities to share best practise and techniques from across the group.

Our purpose is to provide children with an inspiring education, full of fun and excitement, one that engages and challenges, and encourages them to keep asking questions and wanting to learn more. The journey is already well under way. I am fortunate to have both the expertise of the Wishford team and a committed staff to drive the school forward dramatically. These are exciting times for the school and all those involved.

Guy Barrett