7+ Scholarships

We are pleased to share details of our Scholarship Programme for children joining the school in September 2020 at the start of Year 3.

At Cricklade Manor Prep we prize excellence in all areas of the curriculum: academic achievement, the creative arts and sport. We recognise talent and nurture potential in these areas through our scholarship programme. The scholarship programme allows children with particular skills to flourish in a supportive and encouraging environment which will help to ensure they reach their potential and are well prepared to enter the senior school of their choice. Scholarships are designed to both reward high achievers and allow an independent education to be accessible to greater numbers of talented children.

7+ Scholarships are available in the following areas:

Academic Scholarship

Candidates for the Academic Scholarship will show considerable natural academic ability and will be operating at a level well above average in English and Maths.

In addition to a group interview and participation in lessons at Cricklade Manor Prep, the Academic Scholarship assessment will include an assessment in Non-Verbal Reasoning. No particular preparation is necessary prior to the assessments, which are designed to simply provide a framework within which to assess ability.

Creative Arts Scholarship

Candidates for the Creative Arts Scholarship will show considerable natural ability, talent and proficiency in their creative work, whether artistic, musical or dramatic. References from current teachers and examples of work, competitions entered and exam results may accompany the candidate’s application.

In addition to a group interview and participation in lessons at Cricklade Manor Prep, the Creative Arts Scholarship assessment will include the opportunity to produce a piece of art work of perform a musical/dramatic piece of the candidate’s own choice. Where appropriate, candidates are expected to bring and play on their own instruments.

Sports Scholarship

Candidates for the sports scholarships will show considerable natural ability in at least one area of sports. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who display talent and good sportsmanship. References from sports teachers or coaches may accompany the candidate’s application, referring where appropriate to participation in teams, clubs and associations, and successes in competitions.

In addition to a group interview and participation in lessons at Cricklade Manor Prep, the Sport Scholarship assessment will include participation in a range of sporting activities, training drills and an agility test.

Headmaster’s Scholarship

All candidates will be assessed for their suitability to receive the Headmaster’s Scholarship, which may be awarded to a candidate with considerable natural all-round ability, high levels of enthusiasm and the potential to make a meaningful contribution to life at Cricklade Manor Prep.