Science enables pupils to develop a sense of curiosity and discovery. We challenge pupils to understand the world around us and how it works. 

Cricklade Manor Prep has excellent facilities and Science is studied in specialist laboratories, taught by specialist teachers, enabling pupils to develop essential skills and an appreciation for ‘how Science works’. Cross-curricular links with other departments are encouraged fostering the natural enthusiasm and curiosity children have for the world around them. Practical activities engage pupils in Science at each stage of their time with us.

In the Early Years, science is part of understanding the world and the children have plenty of opportunity to do this around the Pre-Prep. Activities such as watching the hens pecking around the garden or seeing the baby chicks hatch, growing (and eating) strawberries, regular trips to Forest School and observing the seasonal changes around the school. As the children progress in Pre Prep the fun continues from identifying plants and animals in our outdoor learning area to cooking healthy food and observing changes in materials.

The curriculum followed in the Science Department builds on skills that will underpin all the Science pupils learn throughout their school life: observation, prediction, understanding relationships, critical evaluation and problem solving. Lessons are pupil focused and whilst designed to encourage curiosity, the pupils are also encouraged to consider the impact of the choices they make from spiritual, moral and ethical points of view - developing an appreciation for a human’s place within the universe. 

Pupils are asked to embrace other points of view and to respect another’s ideas whilst developing their own individual view. Relating personal experiences to lessons helps pupils to develop a concrete and robust understanding of the many abstract concepts they will come across in Science. Pupils are encouraged to take an active role in their learning with theme days such as ‘Science Day’ and ‘Green Day’ and visits from the Explorer Dome and Bug Man.

Pupils move up to the Senior Laboratory in Year 6, at this stage the Common Entrance syllabus is followed. Topics are divided into Biology, Chemistry and Physics themes. 

Experimental work is very important in Science, we aim to teach as much as we can through practical activities. An experimental approach teaches children the scientific methodology of evaluation and review, so developing a resilience in their learning.

Studying Science at Cricklade Manor Prep will inspire a love of, and respect for, the natural living world. It is important that pupils see Science as a way of explaining observations, as a challenging and satisfying intellectual study, a coherent body of knowledge and, through its manipulation of natural forces, a means of improving people’s lives.