We aim to give our pupils skills and confidence to embrace the technology of the future and become discerning digital citizens. The school is equipped with high speed WiFi capabilities and we are leading the way in the use of mobile learning.

All of our teachers are equipped with iPad devices and are able to utilise mobile device technology in their own subject areas. The fresh and stimulating core educational apps we have chosen for teaching can be projected onto the classroom boards. These core educational apps are also provided free of charge to each pupil in Year 6-8 and allow them to develop higher order thinking skills as they problem solve, work independently, create and analyse.

School-owned iPads are available for use by the children from our Early Years Foundation Stage upwards and there are class sets of iPads for pupils in Year 3-5. In Music and Art, further sets of iPads allow children to explore the rich creativity offered by apps such as Garageband to compose their own music from a full orchestra of sounds or create digital sketchbooks in the manner of David Hockney to document their artistic achievements. Pupils in Years 6-8 can bring in their own iPad to use in lessons.

As well as learning through iPads, the children experience digital learning on modern touchscreen computers in the dedicated Computer Suite, from Year 1 upwards or in their class area computers in Early Years. This includes Microsoft programmes such as word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, file management and safe use of the internet.

In EYFS and Pre-Prep, children use a variety of remote control toys and role-play technology as well as programmable robots. From Year 1 upwards, pupils really love using coding to produce games and animations. They progress from the even more enjoyable Scratch and Kodu in Year 5-6 to using the wonderful BBC Microbit in Year 7 and 8. Pupils in Year 7 and 8 learn the common forms of text based coding used in the world of work and website design such as CSS, HTML and Java.

We have many budding Ridley Scotts and Kathryn Bigelows as pupils are taught how to use their iPads as digital cameras to produce artistic and pleasing still and video images or create a TV commercial to sell their ‘Dragon’s Den’ idea to captains of industry. Through the use of animation and ‘green screening’ for such things as animating a conversation in Spanish, retelling a moment from History or news and weather forecasts pupils are able to bring their learning to life by using technology in all areas of the curriculum. 

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