We seek to create an atmosphere where to excel is not only acceptable, it is desirable. HAPI (High Achievement and Potential Individuals) is

Cricklade Manor Prep we value the individuality of every child and believe that all have a gift or a talent for something. As a school, we encourage our children to discover their strengths and to develop their interests and abilities. So why do we have HAPI? 

Each year, Heads of Department will identify the most able children in their subject area in each year group and those identified will be added to the register for that academic year. Pupils are identified using a range of test scores and performance in class. The register will be subject to change from one year to the next.

Naturally, our provision for the most able children begins in the classroom. Here, excellent differentiation and imaginative teaching methods challenge our children and bring out the best in all. In addition, an academic HAPI would be entered for scholarship, either internally at 11+ or with their 13+ destination senior school.

However, the purpose of our HAPI programme is to offer the most able children a wide range of extension and enrichment activities beyond the classroom and the school to further challenge and stimulate them. This includes workshops, extra-curricular activities and mentoring sessions with Heads of Department.

Children may also be identified as talented in the more artistic or practical subjects such as Music, Art, Drama or Sport for example. A ‘talented’ child is one who shows an ability which is well ahead of most other children in their year group. That doesn’t mean that they are going to be an Olympic champion; just that they are a better athlete than most other children in their particular year group at Cricklade Manor Prep.

HAPI is not exclusive. As part of our provision, all children in the school are given the opportunity to show their academic and leadership potential as well as their talents in the sporting or creative spheres through whole school or group activities throughout the year. We aim to bring out the best in all.

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