11+ Reasoning

In Year 5 we introduce the children to the world of verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Not only does this help develop thinking skills, but these are tests taken by some school pupils in Year 6 to help them enter a grammar school of their choice as part of the 11+ tests.

Verbal reasoning is understanding and reasoning using concepts, framed in words. It aims at evaluating ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition. Non-verbal reasoning tests are designed to see how pupils can use their critical thinking and logic to solve problems, and are an indication of their mathematical capabilities and powers of deduction. Unlike verbal reasoning, it's not as reliant on the English language; rather, the questions use drawings, shapes of codes, and pupils will need to work out sequences, similarities and differences between these figures or break the code. The theory is that the examining body can get a picture of the child's potential and intelligence, rather than their learned ability.

In addition to coaching and practice in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, we will have an interactive programme of personal learning to boost confidence in English and Maths, targeting weaker areas to raise achievement.

All very useful skills and our pupils will be well prepared for 11+ examinations if that is an option for them.