Why Independent School?

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered sending your child to an independent school. We’d like to tell you what an independent school education has to offer.

Our aims are different. We’re not worrying about our place on a league table, we’re thinking about every boy and girl in the school and what we can do to provide them with the best possible experience at the start of life. When our pupils leave us they are well rounded, confident young people with a love of learning and a thirst to face the challenges of the best independent schools and grammar schools and beyond.

We’re concerned with academic success alongside the skills and dispositions necessary for a successful life. In our classrooms and on our sports fields, our pupils learn how to work together in a team, how to pick themselves up after a setback, and how to be independent learners. Our class sizes are smaller and our teaching is more student-focused. Individual attention and small groups lead to better learning outcomes and happier children who enjoy their relationships with their classmates. Our pastoral care is exceptional. By providing a nurturing, supportive environment in which children feel safe and cherished, we support children’s learning and development. Happy children are more successful learners - and they enjoy learning more!

I like coming to Prior Park because I have improved my work from my old school!

Year 3 Pupil

We don’t have to follow the national curriculum or respond to the latest government policy. We are free to use our expertise and knowledge to develop an exciting, varied and challenging curriculum for our pupils. Lessons encourage excitement, energy and curiosity. We have whole school special days with visiting speakers, group projects and absorbing challenges. We enjoy learning together as a community and not just on our core subjects. Sport, Music and Drama are fundamental parts of school life and learning - at school, in school hours. Extra-curricular activities include an extensive range of clubs, societies, trips and projects. We make the most of our exceptional facilities too. Our sports fields keep our students active and healthy. Inside, our musical and technical facilities extend our pupils’ creativity and enable them to pursue their own talents and interests.

Some parents choose to wait until senior school age to invest in an independent school education for their child. But we are convinced that the best time to secure an excellent learning experience for your child is at the point at which they are most receptive to learning and positive influences on their growth and development. Neuroscientists call this time, coinciding with early schooling, the ‘sensitive period’. During this phase, your child’s brain is especially open to learning through new experiences - the perfect time to provide them with a rich, stimulating curriculum and excellent nurturing and support. The education that pupils receive at Prior Park Prep instils a love of learning and a work ethic that will underpin all their future educational experience. As with anything in life you need to get the basics right before progressing with sureness and certainty. By investing in your child’s development early you will be setting a path to their future success in senior school as a confident, successful and well-rounded young adult.

A Prior Park Prep School education for your child is less expensive than you may think. Our fees have reduced by up to 15% for entry in September 2017 and we are committed to keeping fees within reach of as many local families as possible. Why not visit our school to see for yourself? We’ll be glad to welcome you. 

Excellent standards of achievement are evident in much academic work; in creative subjects, performing arts, sports and extra-curricular activities. The pupils’ outstanding personal development is strongly supported by the broad and interesting curriculum with its emphasis on outdoor education, and the positive and vibrant community.

ISI Inspection Report