We often ask Prior Park parents and pupils for their thoughts on school life, these are some of the encouraging comments that we received:

"The things I like best about Prior Park are the amazing and friendly teachers and also my friends." Simi, Age 8   

"The school has excelled in every year with both my children to make them feel special, the school creates a friendly and caring environment. There are some very passionate teachers, who care enormously about their students and the dedication is obvious. As both my children adore the school and are extremely happy, I am delighted." Parent Feedback

"I value all the one-to-one teaching I get at Prior Park." Year 8 Pupil

"I like Prior Park because the teachers are really kind and the Sports staff teach you really well." George, Age 9

"My favourite moment was when we mixed hot chocolate outside in a big pot when we did our Mexican project." Year 2 Pupil

"I like the teachers, break time and most of all the learning." Year 3 Pupil

"I like Prior Park because all the lessons are fun." Year 4 Pupil

Prior Park Prep School was a great community to grow up in and the friends I made there have truly become friends for life. I can proudly say that my 18 years in the Prior Park Schools family have been unforgettable. Right from the very beginning, the schools provided me with countless opportunities to learn in innovative, exciting ways, whilst encouraging and supporting me to challenge myself and develop new skills." Nina, Prior Park Alumni

"Our teachers have been fantastic. They have astonished me with the care and attention they give to each child. Really top class." Year 4 Parent

"I like Prior Park because all my friends keep me happy and everyone is kind." Emily, Age 9

"Staff have taught him well, challenged him as well as encouraged and engaged him in his learning. Their hard work and care has also supported me as a parent in shaping a delightful boy." Prep School Parent

"There are lots of opportunities for Drama and I love being involved in the plays." Year 7 Pupil

"My funniest memory was when you used sweets and chocolate in Maths to divide and multiply." Year 2 Pupil

"Excellent standards of achievement are evident in much academic work; in creative subjects, performing arts, sports and extra-curricular activities." ISI Inspection Report

"I like coming to Prior Park because I love the History lessons especially learning about the Anglo-Saxons." Year 3 Pupil

"We are very grateful for the knowledge that you imparted to our son during his stay at your school. It is nice to know that he got his early education from your esteemed school." Year 6 Parent

"It has been a privilege for my child to attend Prior Park for the last five years. We will always be grateful for the school's nurturing environment and excellent education standards." Year 5 Parent

"We are delighted with how our son has settled at Prior. We chose it for the excellent pastoral care promised and we have certainly not been disappointed. Within a short period of time, every teacher knew and understood our quiet, shy child and worked to instil him with confidence.” Year 7 Mum

"You get a massive variety of Sport and whatever you do you get lots of support." Year 6 Pupil

"The things that I like about Prior Park are the Rugby Seven and Science experiments." Current Pupil

"I like Prior because we don’t have boring pack lunches, we have fresh yummy food made especially for us." Year 3 Pupil

"My favourite lesson was History because I liked the Fire of London. You made the lessons exciting." Year 2 Pupil

"I like Prior Park because of the great Sport staff here who teach me skills." Year 4 Pupil

"He had the best school education whilst at Prior Park and developed interest in all aspects of learning. During his time at Prior Park he had thoroughly enjoyed socialising, Prior Award activities, and participating in Drama, Music and Art." Year 6 Parent

"I love doing Games the best!!" Year 3 Pupil

"I like Prior Park because the school has wonderful teachers and I like how we are taught. I have very kind friends too." Year 4 Pupil   

"The sport at Prior Park is brilliant and has made our son the most passionate sports person you could meet thanks to the coaching and enthusiasm of the sports staff. We have so much support and advice regarding our daughter at Prior Park and her sport, she loves every aspect of it. The sports staff are so positive and encouraging.” Parent of Year 6 and Year 8 Pupils

"My son has immensely enjoyed his time at Prior Park. The school has looked after both my children for many years and made them into the thoughtful, caring and determined boys they are today." Prior Park Parent

"The pupils show great enthusiasm for learning. They are eager to respond to questions as well as to ask them, showing their developing enquiring minds." ISI Inspection Report

"I like Prior Park because I like all the teachers and lessons and being with my friends - they keep me company." Maddy, Age 9

"My time within the Prior Park Schools was a phenomenal experience which I am so thankful for. The support, the opportunities and the friendships I formed will stand me in good stead for life! The transition from the Prep School to the College was easy, especially as I was fortunate to be transferring with close friends that I'd made from a young age. I'm currently at university and the independence I learned through my time at Prior Park has helped me a lot. However, I would do anything to go back to my Prior Park Prep and College days. I owe so much to Prior Park - a school, an ethos and second home that I love. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Prior Park, grasp it with both hands!" Kieran Kelly, Rugby Player, University Student and Prior Park Alumni

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