A Gentle Transition

Cricklade Manor Prep Nursery provides a gentle transition from home to school, where each child is cherished and can blossom.

The Nursery setting is a bright, happy and caring environment which offers a secure introduction to school life. The Nursery Teacher works with a fully qualified Teaching Assistant. Between them, they provide free and structured play, child-initiated and adult-led, to ignite the children’s curiosity and encourage their enthusiasm for learning.

Good manners and moral values are an important part of education at Cricklade Manor Prep. We help the children develop those values through our interaction with them. We start with the small things like not pushing in front of someone or grabbing all the apple slices, moving on to more important things like owning up when you have done something you know is wrong.

We work in partnership with our parents to lay the foundations from which children grow into happy, self-confident young people. If you choose to join us, we will work closely with you to help your children take their first steps into school life with confidence.

We look forward to getting to know you as a family and giving your child the best possible start to their education.

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