Wonder and Surprise at Bristol Aquarium

Our Year 6 pupils have had a day full of wonder and surprise when they took part in a fabulous days activities and tour of Bristol Aquarium. 

It was fascinating to learn more about this magical underwater world full of colour, life and beauty. We gained a greater insight into how important it is for our children to be educated about how our actions and climate change are having such a detrimental affect on our ecosystems. 

We descended below the surface into this peaceful and graceful world where pupils came face to face with marine animals and plants from a diverse array of gigantic to microscopic creatures. Through discussion, our children’s Science knowledge was reinforced when they took part in a thoughtful talk and Q and A session about how our oceans provide about 99 percent of the living space on our planet and how we are damaging and effecting this vital aspect of the health and wellbeing of our planets existence. In the aquarium lab, pupils looked at examples of coral bleaching and our children were very engaged in learning what we can do to help take steps to save our marine life. 

We had very close encounters with lots of beautiful seahorses, jellyfish, coral reef habitats, sharks and deep sea creatures to name a few. ‘Ravioli’ the sting ray was most entertaining and we fed piranha fish, which I am pleased to say were vegetarian! The giant electric eel was a great fascination and many children were captivated by the power this eel has, ‘amazing said Oliver, I learnt a lot about how the eel recharges itself and how its voltage could kill a human and even light up Oxford Street in London’. 

There were large scale domes to sit in and poke your head up into to immerse yourself into these underwater environments. ‘I learnt about all the interesting facts about the octopus and interacting with all the different species of fish, we were so keen to see the Pacific giant octopus who is over 4 metres long’. The children found this great fun and many took time to sketch and observe sea life,developing their observational skills. We were delighted with their artistic skills and how they very carefully focused and took time to study different aspects.