Splish! Spalsh! Splosh! on the Year 5 Residential

After the disappointment that the long awaited Cornbury was to be cancelled, the Year 5 prepared themselves for a more water-based adventure.  Another change of plan was that we had to set up our own tents. The first thing to do, at school, was to check that each group had a full set of poles and pegs to be able to pitch up our tents.  We did not want the tent to collapse on us.  Also we were given a group task to begin preparing our campfire songs. 

On our arrival, we were met by Jo Pendlebury, our instructor and our first task was raft building.  We split into our tutor groups and the competition began.  We learnt how string barrels together, attach long poles and how to do a half hitch knot.  Then it was time to launch our rafts.  One group made out almost immediately, synchronising their paddling.  The other group struggled to move their raft about 10 metres before the crew began falling in, it turned into a rescue mission.  Mr Davies and Mrs Heywood followed us out on canoes and got us thoroughly soaked by splashing water at us.  After landing back on shore, we dismantled the rafts and had a hot snack, we were starving.  Soon we headed back to the campsite and pitched our tents.  We then made ourselves at home and played games.  Mr Davies lit the campfire and the whole campsite had a lovely smell.  For dinner that evening we enjoyed a Pizza and ‘smores’ around the fire, and then it was time for the entertainment.  By the time we headed off to bed it was 10:30pm but most of us had very little sleep that night as we were too excited! 

Most of were up by 5:30am the next morning and began kicking a ball around or visiting each other’s tents for a chat.  After freshening up, croissants and brioche buns with orange juice were on the menu for breakfast. Friday morning’s activity for us was BushCraft.  We learnt how to light a fire without matches and then there was a competition between the girls and boys about who could make a fire and build a shelter.  I think all of us would be able to survive in the wilderness as long as we had marshmallows and digestive biscuits with us!  Just before lunch we began packing up our tents and it still hard to imagine how all that tent fits into such a tiny little bag.  After lunch, we ventured onto the water in canoes and kayaks.  We had a wonderful time playing games and learning to manoeuvre around the lake.   We got our own back on Mrs H and Mr D by getting them soaked.  The best bit was at the end when we got to do some jetty jumps. 


Suddenly the time came to finish packing and it was time to head back to school.  We had a wonderful time with our friends and the weather was glorious and food was yummy.  Thank you, Mr Davies and Mrs Heywood, for taking us on such an enjoyable trip.