Science Week

We kick started the week with the whole school on a Mission to Mars themed day.  In cross year group teams each child was assigned a job from designer to accountant.  They had to design, plan, test and modify a rocket and transport vehicle.  Mr Vincent very kindly made us our very own Rocket launcher.  The pupils demonstrated teamwork and independence to problem solve the challenges they were faced.

On Tuesday the pupils were faced with graffiti damage to our school and Mr Gyll-Wiggins, a criminal barrister explained the importance of evidence is convicting a criminal.  So the school were motivated to catch the criminal who committed the heinous crime!  They lifted fingerprints, took shoeprints, tested ink with chromatography and compared handwriting to solve the puzzle of the day.  Crucially they had to work together to prepare their evidence to present, remembering what Mr Gyll-Wiggins had told them about the “Burden of Proof”.

The theme of journeys was extended on Wednesday to consider animals and whilst the older learnt about humpback whales and their tremendous journeys, the younger pupils looked closely at extreme changes in the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.

Whilst Thursday was World Book Day, many of the pupils were inspired to come in costumes to reflect the events of Science Week.

On our final day of Science Week, each class stood up and presented what they had learnt and found interesting about the new experiences they had this week.  There were lots of different presentations ranging from a Role play to acting out the life journey of a Butterfly to a specially written song just for Science Week!  The creativity and skills shown by the children were outstanding.  All the pupils had a chance to see how Dry Ice behaves and discussed its properties when it changes state.  As Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide it was important for them to consider the impact carbon dioxide has on our climate.

The children were treated to a talk on Drones by Mr Harris.  They were much bigger than many of the children thought.

Finally my thanks to all the Parents and friends that gave up their time to talk about their careers so passionately to our children. I know they found it so interesting to learn about their journey through from school to current careers.  

My thanks to all the staff involved for their support and hard work this week.

We kicked off the week with Miss Chadwick’s Marvelous, Motivational Mission to Mars. A lot of life lessons were learnt during this activity, including one group's spending obsession, which meant their rocket was soooo heavy it didn’t even take off and had to be stripped before the final launch.

Year 4

My favourite part of the week was on Tuesday when we were learning how to figure out who a criminal is using evidence such as lifting finger prints and comparing inks in chromatography!

Year 7

I have learned a lot from Science Week, for example on Wednesday we learnt all about Migration and how the humpback whale migrates to Alaska in the Summer because it is nice and cold.

Year 7

Science Week 2019