Rune Treasure Hunt

Year 3 had an amazing morning when they were transported back to Saxon times and went on a Rune treasure hunt. They had to try to decode the Rune clues. The best one was; "I have a spine but can not move."

Did you guess it? Yes, it was a book, so the clue led us to the Junior Library. When they uncovered the clue they had to go to a different area of the school and carry out a task, for example they had to be archaeologist’s and carefully uncover the Saxon coins. When they completed the task they were given a piece of a jigsaw and the next clue. They were able to collect 5 pieces of jigsaw and finally worked out the word on each piece spelt ‘go to the class room'. 

In addition, Year 3 learnt the word RUNE means secret or mystery. This is the Saxon alphabet which is called Futhork and the letters are called runes. The early Saxons thought it had magical powers! Runes were all made of straight lines because the shape of the letters made them easy to carve on to wood, stone or metal. Year 3 would like to thank the Year 7’s for their help at the different clue stations.