Great opportunities for adventurous minds

Extra curricular activities enable children to explore their interests in stress-free environments. This is a great time in children's lives for trying out a range of pastimes to find things they enjoy. They can make new friends, become physically active and learn new skills and each term our pupils have a multitude of extra curricular activities to enjoy.

Children at the school, aged between 3-13 years, can try a range of clubs, providing a variety of ways to get creative, learn music, perform, be active, compete, gain knowledge and challenge themselves.

  • For those enjoying time to be creative, there are opportunities in the school’s own art studios to make theatre props, sew, craft, try their hand at photography and create their own art projects. 
  • Budding musicians can play either individually or as part of a group on a variety of instruments - from the simple Ocarina to more challenging orchestral instruments. 
  • Young performers can wave their jazz hands with glee when they join the weekly drama sessions and hone their skills before stepping out to audition for the school’s shows. 
  • With the outstanding track record of the school in sports, there are traditional sports such as tennis, rugby, hockey and cricket, but also to access the more unusual clubs such as judo, archery, fencing and golf. 
  • For those passionate about our planet, they can join the schools Eco Club and Eco Council. 
  • There are even opportunities to preparing for the work place with touch typing and interview skills sessions and for those with itchy feet, the chance to learn languages and explore geography will also be available.

The vast majority of these activities are offered at school, at lunchtime or after-school and so highly convenient for busy mums and dads. 

We believe that our children should have lots of opportunities to try new things and find the ones that they love to do.

Mr T Davies, Activities Co-ordinator