Maths is all around us!

This week we have been looking at how Maths is taught across the school from nursery up to Year 7. The children were just as enthusiastic about Maths as we are which was wonderful to see. Find out all about what they are learning and discover the wonder of Maths at Cricklade Manor.

Year 7

From times tables battles to Mangahigh bouts, Year 7 have embraced Mathematics this year. They have explored new concepts and been pushed to investigate and discover for themselves. The ‘deeper’ the children can go, the stronger their understanding of Mathematics which, in turn, has developed their confidence and capacity to solve complex Mathematical problems with aplomb. Year 7 are encouraged to challenge and question at all times whilst maintaining an overtly open and positive attitude towards their Mathematics learning.

Year 6

The new Rising Stars Mathematics scheme has been exciting the Year 6 pupils to develop mathematical mastery. The scheme impresses the need to develop understanding topics and encourages the pupils to apply the knowledge that they are developing.  Working in partnership with the online resource, Mangahigh is helping to foster a love for Mathematics at Cricklade Manor Prep. 

We are currently in a Mathematics battle against a Brazilian School, which we are leading 4-1, in a the first to five challenge and have been offered the opportunity to enter a competition with a school from Malta in the future. Congratulations to all the pupils that have embraced the Mangahigh activities set by their class teachers.

Year 5

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard on their number knowledge and how these skills can be applied to other aspects of Mathematics. Who would have thought that times tables were so important? Mastering these skills has enabled the Year 5 children to extend their understanding into real life contexts. This is where Mathematics shifts from being a subject that children are simply taught to a subject that the children enjoy and hold value in. It is crucial that the stigma surrounding Mathematics, for some children, is eradicated. We believe that children should feel bold and confident when faced with Mathematical problems and here at Cricklade Manor Prep we aim to equip all children with the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to take their learning to the next level.

Year 4

Year 4 started the year off learning about Number, Place Value and Calculations. They have been so enthused to push their understanding to the next level! Most of the children know all of their times tables up to 12x12 and have begun learning their 15 and 25 times tables! Their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge is commendable.  This half term, we are exploring Geometry. The children will be developing their understanding of the properties of 2D shape classifying quadrilaterals and triangles by their sizes, angles and lines of symmetry. The children will enjoy drawing, measuring and making 3D models in the Mathematics lessons. Shape and Space is such a wonderful opportunity for the children to get their hands onto Mathematics, using cubes to make models when investigating volume is a lovely introduction to this skill and we all remember making nets of 3D shapes when we were at school! The most important aspect is the children are enjoying stretching and challenging their understanding of new concepts through interesting and exciting means.

Year 3 

Year 3 have worked on number and place value. They have enjoyed counting in 10's and finding 10 or 100 more or less than a number. The children have even begun to compare numbers using < > and = signs. Hands-on resources such as the Base 10 apparatus have been great to help when recognising the value of each digit in a 3-digit number. The children have also explored its uses when solving addition and subtraction problems. Children often confuse capacity and volume, so Year 3 have spent some time understanding that capacity is the amount a container can hold and the volume is how much is in it at a given time. They had great fun finding different ways to represent numbers and learnt that the digits we use today are based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system which was developed over 1000 years ago!  A particular focus has been on mental calculations, and the children’s mental arithmetic skills have all improved. This has been helped by a real push to learn multiplication facts. 

Year 2

Year 2 love their Mathematics learning! During the term they have increased their number knowledge using partitioning and number bonds. The class continue to learn the time and act as a ‘speaking clock’, jumping up and down at the hours and half hours. The children are also learning to use their elbows to signal the quarters of an hour as they jump. Currently Year 2 are investigating repeating patterns, shape and symmetry. Using the Polydron in class, they have investigated 3 dimensional shapes. They are also learning that 2 dimensional shapes do not always need to be regular. In addition to this the children are becoming eagle eyed at spotting shapes and patterns in their environment.

Year 1

Year 1 are exploring 3D and 2D shape, they have been on a special hunt around the school to find as many shapes as they can!  Through this activity they have been learning the names and properties of common shapes and associating them with real life objects. Year 1 are also practising the language of position; sometimes it’s just easier to climb on top of objects or hide beneath them to truly understand the position of something. The children will continue to consolidate their counting to 100 through hundred square games which are a great way to get warmed up for some really challenging Maths. Next on the agenda is the exploration of number patterns and sequences, the children particularly enjoy threading beads onto wool to create their own repeating patterns. Year 1 are looking forward to timing events and events in one day as well as learning to tell the ‘O’ clock times. We hope your child will be asking you lots of questions about the time at home so you can support them with this difficult skill!


In Reception, Mathematics is all about understanding and using shape, space, measures and numbers to solve everyday problems like how much sticky tape to use to wrap a parcel or the number of red balloons that would need to be bought so that there were enough for all the children attending a party. Helping children to enjoy Mathematics is one of the most important elements that adults can do to ensure that children see Mathematics as a way of finding things out and solving problems. When something has real meaning for a child they will learn about it. Children often say ‘that’s my number’ when they see numbers two, three, four or five – because their age (which they are referring to) is special for them. Similarly when a child recognises they have the same number of raisins as another child they are beginning to apply their knowledge of quantity. Experiences and activities that focus on the two aspects of Mathematics in the EYFS should always be enjoyable if young children are to become the Mathematicians of tomorrow.


In Pre-School, the children have been learning to recite number names in order to 10 and count a small number of objects reliably. To help them do this they were introduced to a counting puppet called Sammy Snake. When the puppet counts he sometimes makes mistakes - double counting an item, missing an item, missing a number, not starting at ‘one’. The children had fun and giggles identifying the counting errors made by Sammy Snake. Next, we will learn to recognise numerals 1 to 5. Some monster numbers will visit us in class. They are incredibly shy monsters and like to hide.  When the children spot a hidden monster number, a little more of the monster number will be revealed. The children will help the adult to work out what monster number it is by looking closely at the shape of the number