Bring out your dead!

Last Monday, a mixed group of plague infested Year 6 and 7 pupils remained firmly behind a closed door to prevent the contagion from spreading. Fortunately, they were well enough to sift through a range of source materials and view an interesting video to confirm how they had first contracted the disease. Infected fleas and rats ran riot through the sweltering heat of London in the Spring and Summer of 1665 and the numbers of dead resulted in the promotion of the plague to be known later as the Great Plague! The Black Death, which is to be studied by Year 6 after half term, was the forerunner to this huge outbreak, so the chance to have a preview of this momentous event was too good to miss. Happily, medicine has advanced and the bizarre and totally useless ‘cures’ have been replaced by antibiotics and serve only to provide much amusement and bewilderment today.