“Ate dudes, Bruté?”

Caesar accused Brutus of cannibalism. “Ate dudes, Bruté?” Luckily there was none of that going on at our Roman Feast this week! 

Year 3 finished off our Roman topic with a wonderful feast. We all got dressed up in Roman togas and looked amazing! We were no longer Year 3 but had been transported back hundreds of years to Ancient Roman Britain. The Feast started with our slaves going to prepare the food. First the slaves had to prepare the seats for the Masters and then take the chicken off the bone and  dip it in honey.  At that point the Masters and Entertainers arrived. The Masters were helped to recline and then the Show started. We were entertained by super singing, sword dancing, piano playing , a magic show and even Ye Olde Roman Floss! The Entertainers were amazing and it was lovely to see so many children showing off their talents. We were all in a mood to feast. The Slaves brought the food around and we enjoyed the chicken, bread, fruit, olives and dates. A highlight were the dormice dipped in honey...…It was a really terrific afternoon. Our thanks must also go to Chef Colin who helped prepare many of the tantalising and tempting delights. What a wonderful way to end our topic and it certainly helped the children think about the food that might have been eaten in Roman times.